Sarah Johnson

Atarah N. Price

Executive Assistant
Bachelor of Science, Health Science, California State University, East Bay

Born in Austin and raised in San Marcos, Atarah has deep Texas roots (5-7 generations on each side of her family). After spending over two decades in San Francisco and Oakland, she has returned back home with her young son to be closer to family. 

Atarah's love of architecture and design was fostered at an early age while she was being raised by her Grandmother. She is interested in the nurturing aspects of design as it relates to positive health outcomes. Specifically, the relationship between interior design and it's effect on the quality of life for older adults living with Alzheimer's and Dementia. Atarah has a wealth of experience in her various roles within the design, service, and healthcare industries. She received her B.S in Health Science (with a concentration in Administration and Management) and is currently working towards a Master of Interior Design. 

Atarah's interests are as varied as her story. She is accomplished at refinishing, restoring, and reupholstering furniture (with a particular love of antiques). She is an avid gardener and after growing up on the family farm (and living on one of the oldest communes in the country), is a firm believer in self-sufficient living practices. Atarah has worked as a professional painter on several San Francisco businesses and Victorian renovations and prides herself on her ability of never using painter's tape. She has dabbled in painting, drawing, making stained glass pieces, sewing, and Ikebana. A lifelong collector, she is happiest in her hunt for hidden treasures. She and her 6yr old son have several rescued pets, including a 13yr old, 80lb Pit/Dalmation dog that is not only deaf, but nearly blind (and still acts like a crazy puppy), a Siamese-Lynx point cat found on the streets of SF, and a new kitten adopted from the ASPCA. They are a motley crew but wouldn't have it any other way.