Sarah Johnson

Daniel Garcia

Design Associate
Master of Architecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
Bachelor of Environmental Design (Summa Cum Laude, Honors Fellow), Texas A&M University 

Daniel Garcia is a native of the Rio Grande Valley, born and raised in Harlingen, Texas. After completing his Bachelor of Environmental Design at Texas A&M University – College Station, Daniel went on to receive his Master of Architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. During his studies at MIT, Daniel worked as a research fellow from 2017-2018 at the International Design Center in the Digital Design & Fabrication Group, exploring 3D printed facade assemblies. In 2016, he worked as a Teaching Assistant for Undergraduate Design Computation courses as well as in 2019 for the M.Arch Core 3 Integrated Design Studio.  Daniel helped lead the student body at MIT serving as Co-President of the Architecture Student Council in 2017 and serving on the Department of Architecture Student Cabinet from 2017-2018. Before moving to Austin, Daniel worked as a design researcher at GLD Architecture and KVA MATx in Boston.

Daniel believes architecture has a capacity to tell stories through its design and construction. Whether a building is responding to past, present, or future constraints, for one person or for many, the design of architecture is never neutral and can be leveraged to affect more beyond the scope of a project. These larger conceptual goals are achieved through attention to detail in how a building comes together. It is through the buildup of these nuanced moments that the overall design speaks.  

Daniel has a special interest in indigenous technologies. During his academic studies, Daniel had the opportunity to visit sites in Chile and Utah to learn how indigenous cultures developed sophisticated means to live in extreme climates. Outside of architecture, Daniel is an avid sports fan of basketball, baseball, and football. He also enjoys visiting museums, cooking, and traveling with his wife.