Elijah King

Architecture & Intelligent Environments, Carnegie Mellon University (anticipated 2022)

Elijah grew up in a small-town in Illinois until his senior year of high school, when immediately upon graduation he moved to Austin, TX. Austin is his temporary home before attending Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA where he will major in Architecture and Intelligent Environments. Previously, he gained knowledge of architectural design and theory through attending summer academies at various universities in states spanning from Illinois to Michigan. From these experiences, he has grown fascinated by the integration of technology and architecture.

After obtaining his Bachelor’s degree, he plans to get a Master’s degree and then open his own firm overseas specializing in residential design.

In his free time, Elijah enjoys photographing portraits and producing music on his laptop. Much of his photography explores the ideas of perceived beauty and human proportions through Photoshop. He also enjoys exploring new places by hiking.