Alberto Rodriguez

Geoffrey Ford

Design Assistant
Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Texas Tech University

Born in Houston and raised in Austin, Geoffrey has lived in Texas for the first 18 years of his life while obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Texas Tech University.

During his time in Lubbock, Geoffrey was a teaching assistant for an Architectural History course on "American Architecture from 1492-1800," and an undergraduate research assistant studying systems of urbanization. On the side, Geoff was selected as a finalist at the Hunting Art Prize competition in Houston and apprenticed for two weeks in Los Angeles to help research architectural applications of a kinetic bi-metal material.

Further developing an interest in architecture’s ability to operate at the urban scale, Geoffrey participated in a topical studio situated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In his thesis Public demonstrations, a ‘dispositif’ through which to view urbanization, and the forces that-which motivate insurgencies within the urban landscape were studied in the development of a morphogenetic system of growth in Rio de Janeiro.

Prior to this position at MF Architecture, Geoffrey worked at Morphosis Architects in New York as an intern while pursuing his personal research on landscape - and the role of architecture within it. He is excited to be back in his hometown with his wife Brandy, and is excited to see where the future leads him in design.