Sarah Johnson

Ingrid Gonzalez Featherston, AIA, NCARB, RID

Design Architect & Project Manager
Bachelor of Architecture, Mississippi State University

Ingrid’s interest in Architecture began with her love of historic architecture and the history that shaped it. The question of how a building came to life is what began her journey to architecture and continues to be her insight into design and what gives life to buildings now.

Much like her exploration into the different worlds and historical time periods of her books, Ingrid has acquired a wide range of experience in architecture. This experience ranges from historical preservation and renovation of historic homes and courthouses in MS to the modern dwellings of the shopper or eater of retail/restaurants in Austin. Though different in form, each building/project begins with a keen understanding of the site, client needs, and the culture of that community. Architecture is more than the built form, it has the opportunity to enhance and transform a community where the culture and its community give life to the buildings we inhabit. Designers and Architects play a vital role in shaping the form of our city and in preserving and transforming the culture of a space.

Ingrid continues her interest in the relationship between architecture and community, both in the historical and current context of society, and how it can inform change through her participation with the local American Institute of Architects Chapter. She has participated with the local chapters of the AIA in MS and in Austin as a chair of Latino in Architecture, Emerging Professionals, and Young Architects Forum.  She continues to learn from the diverse needs of both a rural and urban context and how the Architect’s role can be one of designing and shaping the conversation.

In her free time, Ingrid spends much of her time getting lost in the world of reading and thinking of new ways to renovate her house.  She also likes exploring the watering holes of the Greenbelt with her husband and hyper active dog, or as her nieces and nephew call him, Crazy Clark.