Sarah Johnson

Michael Deere

Design Associate & Project Manager
Master of Architecture, UT Austin
Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, Clemson University

Michael joins MF Architecture by way of Chattanooga, Tennessee where he grew up wandering the mountains and creeks of Appalachia. Prior to acquiring his Master of Architecture from UT, he studied at Clemson University, the BAC in Barcelona, and spent time working for the National Parks Service.   

In 2013 Michael moved to Oslo, Norway to work professionally at SPINN Arkitekter, where he focused on designing K-12 schools and cultural facilities. Through means of an architecture rooted in a place and a connection to the outdoors he sought to refine the dynamic relationship between educational space, the community, and the surrounding environment. Upon returning to Texas, Michael continued to develop these ideas, working professionally on education and theater projects in and around the Hill Country.

Through his experiences, he has come to approach architecture with an understanding that - separate from their stories - buildings have no meaning, they are just shapes. For him, architecture is a framework about which we lead our lives; it binds us to others, redirects our paths, and connects us as people. He believes it is thus crucial to write into his architecture those unique narratives of people and place - the stories with which his designs will converge.  

Michael is recently engaged to a Texan/Canadian architect, and the two are currently renovating a home in east Austin. Together they have two cats named Zuko and Azula.