Team: Pets


Preface by Matt Fajkus:

"We believe that the strength of our team is based on the fact that we are a collection of individuals who collaborate, making us better than the sum of our parts. We embrace that individuality, and these are some of the pets of MF Architecture team members from throughout the years, some of which have had a presence in our office on occasion. They certainly have their own personalities and help to add a dynamic dimension to their individual owners and the to the team."


Bruce (Jeremy Jackson)

Bruce likes long walks, well, short walks plus someone carrying him the rest of the walk.  He loves to intimidate people with a ferocious stare, and backs it up with a powerful bark.  He loves to lick toads and eat copious amounts of chocolate, both ending with adventurous trips to the puppy ER.

Sid Vicious (Sarah Wassel)

Meet Sid Vicious, the happiest Chiweenie in Austin. We fell in love with her as soon as she climbed into our laps at Austin Animal Center, fleas and all. Her favorite things, in no particular order, are carrots, cuddles, chasing sticks, and more carrots. (Adopt don't shop!)

Lychee (UJ Song)

Lychee is a seven-month-old White Husky who loves to run and kill squirrels. Lychee and UJ like to walk around campus and catch Pokemon while playing Pokemon Go.


Penny (Dave Birt)

Penny is a Miniature Pinscher mix who is a year and a half old. She loves to be with the kids, whether laying on the couch watching movies, hiking and swimming at Twin Falls or in Barton Creek, or napping on the family boat. In her spare time she hides her toys around the yard and tries to catch the sun-tanning lizards on our deck.


Zuko and Azula (Anna Katsios)

Zuko and Azula are a tandem team of 2-year-old rescue cats whose distinctive personalities make them a formidable pair.  Once a ball of claws and hisses, Azula now chirps and purrs, and yearns for attention, mainly in the form of food.   Zuko loves to play outside, and is always on the lookout for his arch nemesis the red laser dot.


Dexter (Kendall Claus)

Dexter was our very special helper in the summer of 2016. He brought good vibes and free happiness. He was eager to please and always got the task done! Unfortunately, he moved to California last winter. We all miss him terribly!

Q: How old are you?

A: I get compliments on how young I look all of the time. Sorry to disappoint, but I'm actually almost 35 (human years)! I'll always be a kid at heart though... and have a great head of hair. It's the smoothies.

Q: Where did you get your name from?

A: I was made in a lab-oratory.

Q: Where are you from?

A: Cuba. I am a Havanese but many think I'm part pit-bull. This probably explains where I get my viciously good looks.

Q: What's the first thing you're gonna buy from your homeland now that its borders are open?

A: A 100 pack of Cuban cigars. I can't die young.

Q: What's your 'special' talent?

A: I have found that if I dance people give me the goods. I also use this talent to woo the ladies.

Q: What's your worst habit?

A: Licking. My friends and family say it's a nervous habit. Sometimes I even forget I'm doing it. Some things just taste so goooood. Mmm. Salty skin.

Q: Who do you feel like you're most influenced by for your architectural style?

A: I'd say Peter Cook. I like to get FUNKY.

Q: Digital of Analogue

A: Digital, what year do you all live in? I knew we were the smarter species.

Q: What's your medium?

A: Charcoal. Imagine it. They don't call me Dexter-ous for no reason.

Q: If you had to pick one fire hydrant in Austin, which one would you choose?

A: Fire hydrant? I don't stoop that low. Respect the force.

Q: Steak or Fish?

A: I think you all call that Surf and Turf? Genius.


Lola (Laura Kurtz)

Lola is a four year old cat from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Lola enjoys eating spinach or any green leafy plant, climbing into bags (literally any bag), sun bathing on the window sill, and clawing the bottom of the mattress while (Laura) is sleeping. When she isn’t chasing shadows around the apartment Lola likes to take long naps on the couch with her best friend Gemini the German Shepherd. This is of course when she isn’t engaged in her true calling, creative writing. Lola’s sonnets have won over poets around the world, and she just recently participated in Spiderhouse’s 4th annual slam poetry competition coming in second in her division. We’re proud of you Lola. You give a voice to the voiceless and turn a mirror on the world to shed light on issues often unseen. Never stop being you.


Reported by Garrett Callen