Dwell Magazine, July-August 2003.

Title: Dwell Home Design Invitational
Project: Swellhouse
Design Team: Jennifer Siegal, Office of Mobile Design, Matt Fajkus, AIA, Kelly Bair, Mike Dolinski, Simon Guest, Clay Holden, June Okada

The "Swellhouse" was published in Dwell Magazine as an example of an innovative design scheme for a house to be built for under $200,000. The Swellhouse was conceived in the belief that rethinking the power of prefab housing technologies can bring mass customization and individual choice together in an affordable and sustainable home that a great number of people could attain. The Swellhouse floor plan aims to promote a simple and elegant flow between the activities of everyday life and aligns itself with the early modernist belief that good design with environmental sensitivity through sustainable technology will be available for the masses at low costs.