The ISSUE: Collective, November 2011.

Title: Adaptation in Time and Space
Studio: UTSoA Vertical Design Studio Fall 2011: in:Transition
Instructor: Matt Fajkus, AIA, Diana Su (Assistant Instructor)


The "in:Transition" vertical design studio, created and taught by Fajkus, was featured in the online version of ISSUE: Collective. Fajkus describes the studio's thesis as: "Mankind is constantly embarking upon a new frontier. Charles Darwin pointed out that it is not necessarily the strongest species that survives, but rather the ones which are best adapted. In this sense, true sustainability may be measured by flexibility and the potential for adaptation. The most successful designs embrace this fact by transcending trends while also capturing the current zeitgeist in nuanced ways. Thus, the role of the designer is complex yet rich, which is underlined by Norman Foster’s statement: 'Architects design for the present, while considering the past, for a future which is essentially unknown.' The studio will explore ways in which design plays a role in a rapidly changing world, and particularly ways in which design directly addresses and even influences states of transition."