Hip Hop Architecture Hack-a-thon


MF Architecture team member Ingrid Gonzalez Featherston was invited to attend the Hip Hop Architecture Hack-a-thon led by Mike Ford, in partnership with Autodesk HQ in San Francisco, CA. Over the course of the 2-day design cypher, architects, designers, artists, rappers, emcees, and computer programmers worked together to study the intersection between architecture and hip hop through making. 

Participants broke out into teams to further study a component of the provocations given that related to how architecture and hip hop can inform one another through lyrical analysis, augmented and virtual reality, and digital fabrication. At the end of the design cypher, each team presented their conclusions and prototypes of how hip hop culture can inform the space of architecture.

Featherston and her fellow team members began with mapping movement and experience of each person listening to a track blindfolded. This information was then translated from line drawings to a three-dimensional digitally cut model, to a final virtual sculpture that could one day inform a built sculpture of the representation.