The design of this bathroom and closet remodel is based on paring down form and materials, to create a relaxing yet functional bathing and dressing environment based on the varying daily rituals of an international musician.

Each surface is designed as a binary element – composed of a single material for the entirety of its plane, whether solid stone, transparent glass, or mirrored glass. Within the stone surfaces, the tiling is an either/or alternation of black and white, further reinforcing the binary principle. The design aims for spa-like experience, re-organized to maximize space, natural light and privacy, with its considered palette of minimalist materials.

Location: Austin, Texas | Phase: Completion 2016 | Design Team: Ian M Ellis, David Birt, Matt Fajkus | General Contractor: Foursquare Builders | Interior Designer: Joel Mozersky Design | Photography: MF Architecture 

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