Developed as a home for multiple generations, the Descendant House allows three family units and generations to co-exist harmoniously in a single structure. The house physically descends down the slope of the lot, while also carrying on the legacy of a former house that previously existed on the site. Each private space has its own zone, sometimes defined by a step down the lot, and each with a unique connection to the landscape, while areas for gathering are clustered at the core of the house. Taking center stage is the Kitchen; a place that is most important to this family and the way they enjoy spending their time. The Kitchen ties together the family's love of food with their love of gardening and beekeeping which occurs on the upper, back portion of the site. As visitors approach the house from below, near the creek, the assembly of ingredients and generations is on display from the Kitchen which is perched over the lush site. This procession and daily ritual offers a glimpse into the meaning and purpose of the home.   

Location: Austin, Texas | Phase: Construction | Project Manager: Sarah Johnson | Design Team: Matt Fajkus, David Birt, Sarah Johnson | Contractor: Soledad Builders | Structural Engineer: MJ Structures | Landscape Architect: Shademaker Studio | Interior Design: Joel Mozersky

AIA Austin CRAN Tour, April, 2018