The Split House is located in Austin’s Barton Hills neighborhood, in which many homes have different markings of the Mid-Century modern style, whether in the single story or two-story abstraction. The site sits between two multi-story houses that tower over their original one-story structures. The design of the Split House incorporates elements of the existing neighborhood typology through massing, scale, and materiality. A low-profile roof, Douglas Fir siding and breeze blocks define the street-facing façade, behind which the original Mid-Century modern home is reinterpreted to accommodate contemporary living in a rapidly changing urban environment.

Site constraints were the drivers for spatial relationships and how different masses became internally or externally focused. Set on a linear lot with the shorter face at the street edge, the home is organized by a singular central circulation spine and the spaces are bifurcated on either side of that spine. Programmatic components fall on either side of the home and overlap with the spine as needed. Nonlinear formal areas of living open up to internal and external courtyards, making the interior usable space effectively double while maximizing natural light and air flow. Skylight and clerestory windows further strengthen the indoor-outdoor relationship throughout the house.

Location: Austin, Texas | Phase: Completion 2019 | Project Manager: Kendall Claus | Design Team: Matt Fajkus, Kendall Claus, Sarah Johnson, David Birt | General Contractor & Developer: Central Props | Photography: Casey Woods