The Bastrop Children’s Advocacy Center is a facility located in downtown Bastrop, Texas, that provides much-needed treatment and counseling for child victims of abuse. It is housed in a historic residential structure, and while charming in character, this presents issues with the daily functions of the facility. At the moment, the three primary user groups of the facility: trauma victims, ongoing counseling, and administrative offices, are all mixed within the structure, which ultimately compromises the privacy of each. In the new proposal, the historic house is preserved with an additional building in the back, which enables a separation of these three user groups to enhance the daily efficiency of the center.

The new structure stands apart from the old, yet blends nicely with both the existing house and the context of downtown Bastrop. Small viewing gardens are scattered throughout the building and the space between the old and new structures is enclosed to create a compact courtyard. Additionally, there is a large screen surrounding the structure that allows light while limiting view, encloses the area around the courtyard, and provides an opportunity to modulate light and view according to the program within. The result is a campus that both improves the function of the facility through a series of simple solutions and brings a greater sense of peace to all who pass through its doors.

Location: Bastrop, Texas | Phase: Conceptual / Unbuilt | Design Team: Matt Fajkus, Audrey McKee, Sarah Johnson, Natalie Ward, John Paul Rysavy, Alexer Taganas, Sydney Mainster, Lisa Storer, Andrew Ross, Charleen Chae, Seda Koyluoglu, Brandon Hubbard