AIA National Small Project Award Winner, 2014
Texas Society of Architects Studio Awards: 1 of 4 Statewide Annual Awards - Experimental Projects, 2013
Leaf Awards Finalist, Berlin, Germany, 2013
FX International Interior Awards Finalist, London, United Kingdom, 2013
The Spark International Design Awards: Silver Award - Built Category of International Winners, 2012


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Location: Austin, Texas
Project Managers & Design Team: Matt Fajkus, Audrey McKee, Sarah Johnson, Sydney Mainster
Design Support: Natalie Ward, Molly Hubbs, Ian Ellis, Andrew Bell, Jason Johnson, Justin Field, Anna Gann, Chris Maier, Dan Lu, Guillaume Noiseau, Juan Carlos Fornino, Alexer Taganas, Joseph Skelton, Jen Wong, CJ MacQuarrie, Clay Shortall, Shirley Sandoval, Meetal Patel
Phase: Completion 2012

We begin with the idea of the backdrop as a tool for pattern, light, and shadow. With that in mind, we do not create sculptural form for the sake of it, but instead look to everyday objects. These objects, although simple, can be truly extraordinary when arrayed by the thousands. Paper-covered wire hangers, associated with the clothing and thus the human body, are no exception. When arrayed, the object itself falls away in favor of an ethereal collective whole. Upon closer inspection, however, there remains the mundane everyday structural component of the fashion industry: the wire hanger; even the plainest of objects can be celebrated. The architectural design of the fashion show runway backdrop incorporates rigid and fluid layers, establishing a tension between a grid system and an amorphous organic form.