Situated on a generous lot in Elgin, Texas, Horizon House draws all movement and views toward its eastern horizon. Beyond the extents of the foundation lies a verdant rolling landscape, featuring a pond in the distance. Wildlife, both animal and vegetable, consume the site, and Horizon House is the lens through which the elements of this environment become clear.

The composition of the house employs a simple relationship between public and private zones by directly splitting the two. The fracture, also known as the ‘link,’ is a distinct space from both the long, private bar and the open, shared public area. This separation is then reinforced by the choice of exterior cladding, with corrugated metal in the private zone and cypress siding in the public, both of which speak to vernacular agricultural typologies. Spatially, the link is also used for circulation of people, water, air, and electricity between the two sides of the home. In Horizon House, movement and passage are celebrated and rewarded with shifts in view and experience. Here, it is not simply the rooms, or destination, that carries the focus, but rather the circulation, or journey, itself.

Location: Elgin, Texas | Phase: Completion 2012 | Project Manager: Audrey McKee | Design Team: Matt Fajkus, Audrey McKee | Design Support: Brandon Hubbard, Seda Koyluoglu | Photography: Bryant Hill  


National AIA Emerging Professionals Exhibition, Washington, DC., 2014

HGTV Faces of Design Awards Finalist, 2016

Selected Press