The backdrop surface spans 32’ between two structural columns. The geometry was generated by manipulating 3 dimensional grid points and triangulating surfaces from those points. The backdrop was constructed of painted 1/8” birch plywood panels and 3/4” birch plywood structural ribs. And duct tape. Lots of duct tape.

Anticipating precise projector location and resolution facilitated the capturing of projector views and view sizes. This allowed subsequent manipulation of projected images that are aligned with the physical surface. Simple, shifting patterns of black and white were projected, altering the perception of surface geometry.

10 view points were established around the space. Using reverse projections - from viewpoint to surface and from surface to projector - the projected, ‘distorted’ geometry required to provide a ‘pure’ perceived geometry from each view point was derived and extracted.

The 10 views are then loop animated so that they morph into one another, from 1 through 10 and back again. In theory, each viewer experiences a brief instant where the text snaps into its ‘pure’ geometry before distorting to the next position in its loop. 

Location: Austin, Texas | Phase: Completion 2013 | Design & Fabrication Team: Matt Fajkus, AIA, Travis Cook, Garland Fielder, Thomas Johnston, Alberto Rodriguez | Event Partner: TRIBEZA Magazine

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