The Potting Shed exists as a freestanding single volume behind an existing house to house gardening equipment and small-scale potting and cultivating needs. The minimal form is a reflection of the simplicity of the program and the chimney and screened soffit combine to allow for natural passive ventilation. The roof pitch matches that of the existing house, a proven regional strategy. Paint-grip sheet metal is the roof material of the existing house, and is used to clad the entire timber frame structure of the potting shed, in accordance with city codes which require any auxiliary structure to match the house proper.

A galvanized metal cistern collects rainwater from the roof of the existing house to alleviate a previously boggy yard zone and to allow for watering of the organic food garden in the back yard, creating a simple still life of crafted utilitarian objects.

Project Manager: Matt Fajkus | Design Team: Matt Fajkus, with Max Levy Architect