Designed with multiple levels of meaning, “EIGHT” is inspired by presidential principles which transcend to American virtues. The rigid exterior of the sculptural piece is contrasted by a more dynamic interior geometry, where portions of the 2009 Presidential Inaugural speech are etched. Eight words from the speech (courage, hope, equality, progress, honor, happiness, prosperity and freedom) are featured on the exterior in the form of abstracted Braille, representative of the pursuit of equality for all, including the disabled. The infinite symbol of the number “8” is furthermore expressed in the eight building blocks composing the sculpture and also suggests the eternal pursuit of equality of opportunity in humanity; with work always to be done and opportunities. 

Location: Austin, Texas | Phase: Completion 2012 | Design Team: Will Meredith, Shortall Design, Matt Fajkus


Technology And Design Exhibit, UT CO-OP Materials Lab, 2013

ESPN's Longhorn Network, 2013

Four: an art exhibition in honor of the President, displayed in Austin, Texas, presented to President Obama, 2012