Sited on a cliff in Lakeway, Texas, the Wee Scot Cove Residence lacks a proper front or back yard, due to its steep topography. The deck and pool addition provide new exterior area for the owners and their children by working within the site constraints, using a simple palette of rich materials, and embracing the view of the sky as the lot’s “landscape.”

In order to achieve a minimum amount of area to provide a pool and deck, the MF Architecture team and the client applied for and received a variance from the City of Lakeway, to extend into a setback easement. By using water, wood, light, and sky as the primary ingredients, the addition allows an ethereal experience which transcends the robust construction.

Location: Lakeway, Texas | Phase: Completion 2013 | Design Team: Matt Fajkus, David Birt, Sarah Johnson, Audrey McKee, Jason Kerensky