Selected Publications: Austin Way, I Home and Vetta Homes on Tree House


Ultimate Tree Houses

Austin Way, Late Spring, 2015
by Mary Ann Azevedo


Austin architects direct the focus of their residential design outdoors, celebrating the live oaks that claimed the land first. 

When they purchased a property on Sacramento Drive in South Austin, the new owners knew they needed to tear down the 800-square-foot rundown home. However, they weren't so sure of what to do with the live oak tree that dominated the center of the lot, so they turned to MF Architecture for help.


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Around a Mighty Oak

Vetta Homes, January-March, 2015
by Jennifer Swanson

The Tree House gets its name from the property's primary live oak tree, which served as the focal point for this development. Each space has a special relationship to this central element, creating a unique connection between the indoor and outdoor realms. With finely detailed materials and finishes, this two- story home by Matt Fajkus Architecture is the perfect balance of "sophistication and restraint."


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Sunshine Tree House

I Home, April, 2015
by Sissy Chu

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