Azure Magazine, Jan-Feb 2010

Project: Thick-Skinned Regionalism
Design Team : Matt Fajkus, AIA Daniel Preusse, Bo Yoon and Sara Yllner


The Thick-Skinned Regionalism project proposes a theoretical future house of 400 square feet for two adults, to be situated in any climate in the world. The design was published in Azure Magazine, where the article begins, "Cities bloom around waterways, but planners rarely exploit the rivers and canals within urban centers as residential areas. While also suitable for dry land, these proposed houses float on interlocking pontoons. They're based on a universal starter frame, made of local and renewable wood, that can be assembled on site. And they feature unique plug-in walls consisting of 150 cubic modules, half of which would be filled with local materials such as stones or shells to draw on the character of the site, and the other half of which would act as shelving. The walls can also be reconfigured, encouraging individual flair within standardized confines."