NPR's 'On Point with Tom Ashbrook', July 2011.

Title: Is High Heat the New Normal?
Host: Tom Ashbrook
Guests: Matt Fajkus, AIA, Heidi Cullen, Christopher Field, Andrew Jorgenson


Fajkus was selected as one of four nationwide experts to be interviewed on National Public Radio about his visions on the future of sustainable architecture. Aired in the Summer of 2011, the piece begins " 'Heat dome' has to be the phrase of the week. Everybody talking about heat dome, heat dome. Killer temperatures --too often literally-- over a huge section of the country. The hottest place on Earth two days ago: Minnesota, for heaven's sake. It's a summer for the record books. One thousand record highs across the country. And this word from the weather and climate gurus: there's more to come. Hot hot summers, with climate change, for years. How will we cope? With our habits, our buildings, our crops, our clothes. This hour On Point: coping with a hot, hot, hot new normal."