Tribeza Magazine, October, 2017

Article: Local Love - Floating Second Floor Doubling As A Carport


The Story: Our clients are both race car drivers, which is how they met. They wanted to build a house that allowed them to celebrate their shared passion, the thing that connected them in the first place. Our challenge was to design a compact urban living space that doesn’t feel small and also connects to the car level. We created a floating second floor volume that can be shifted forward to allow for double-height views into the garage space at the back, while acting as an everyday carport beneath the hovering bed chamber in the front. The living space feels light and airy by being visually expansive to the adjacent exterior roof deck, as well as to the sky above.

Autohaus is featured in the Local Love series compiled by Nicole Beckley & Holly Cowart in the October issue of the Tribeza Magazine.

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