A pâtisserie in Austin, Fluff Meringues and More serves refined versions of classic treats with a modern and cohesive execution. The Fluffery's minimal interior balances crisp details with moments of whimsy and intrigue to create an environment where the sensation of delight is celebrated and encouraged.

A menu for the senses presents cakes, treats, scones, savory, sweet, meringues, high tea, wine, espresso, champagne, coffee, and more in a way that is intentionally stimulating without being overwhelming. These notions extend into Fluff's branding, and so the architecture reacts to both the established identity and the craft involved in creating these confections. Similar to the goods Fluff makes and sells, the architectural design of the space aims to get the absolute most out of something small - efficiency is key in terms of circulation, maximizing and varying seating, and still managing to reserve space for a commercial kitchen with a full bar.

With two separate entries at either end of the linear space, the utilitarian back of house functions are designed for optimization of size and flow, and are concealed to preserve the amount and quality of natural light that flows through the cafe. The contrast found in what's available in the pastry case is present in the design as big contrasts small, dense complements airy, light balances dark, and compression reacts to relief.

The existing patio surface is finished with new stone pavers to continue the rhythm of light and dark spaces from inside and out. Regarding the engineering systems, the kitchen's mechanical design is focused specifically on the control of humidity, an integral variable of the process of baking these delicious treats. The electric lighting provides a range of intensities and options, being fully dimming across walls, spots, and the linear pendant that moves through the cafe. By creating such variation and subtlety in the lighting available, the Fluffery has the ability to tailor the interior atmosphere for specific moods or functions throughout the day and across seasons.

Location: Austin, Texas | Phase: Completion 2018 | Design Team: Ian Ellis, Anna Katsios Deere, Sarah Johnson, Matt Fajkus | General Contractor: Ichor Construction | MEP Engineer: Bay & Associates | Photography: Leonid Furmansky, MF Architecture, Fluff

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