The Lewisville Firing Range was designed as a large singular volume, activated and cleansed by natural elements. A single-span structure and careful roof design allow for a roof which integrates the simple natural elements of light, water and air into an otherwise austere building and function.

Functionally, the project is a 7,000 S.F. indoor police firing range with ancillary spaces. Use of the existing outdoor firing range was restricted by the Environmental Protection Agency, due to lead contamination of the land, as bullets had been fired into a man-made embankment for decades. The new indoor firing range resolves this issue with a sloping slab that drains to a lead dust receptacle during rainfall, as the building is open to the elements. The project proves that even the most pragmatic of buildings can bring beauty and joy to the most serious of activities.

Location: Lewisville, Texas | Phase: Completion 2004 | Project Managers & Design Team: Matt Fajkus, with Brinkley Sargent Architects